Hints for tomorrow (and results from last week)

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who came out last week for another tough night of trivia.  After winning for the first time ever a couple weeks back, the team once known as TST made it two in a row under the name “Jennifer Aniston Announces Running Mate” with 58 points, just edging out “We’re Going to Be As Good As NBC’s Coverage of the Olympics” who had 56 and picked up the $25 consolation tab.  In third with 52.5 was “Xi Jinping Takes up P90X in Preparation for Power Transfer”, who earned the right to choose a theme for tomorrow – and they went with a round on 30 Rock.  In an absurdist or ironic vote (or just because names were pretty lame last week – c’mon people, pick it up), the winner of the best team name prize was “Bob Costas.”

So, this brings us to hints for tomorrow. As mentioned, there will be a round on the tv show 30 Rock thanks to the demands of Team China.  A couple more hints:


Note: there is no need to watch the following video in its entirety. It is merely provided to be used as a hint.  Stetson Pub Quiz does not make any guarantees about financial returns should you decide to take the advice of the following video and invest your savings in the Republic of Georgia.


See y’all tomorrow!



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