Stetsons Pub Quiz in the Washington Post!

Hey y’all,

Our fine pub quiz has been featured by the Washington Post (with a photo of some of our regulars in there as well).  An excerpt:

A few minutes before 7 p.m., the bar is buzzing as friends gather at tables, ordering tater tots and slurping beer. Playing tonight are all regulars — friends who work together on the Hill, a group of graduate students who have all studied in China, an affectionate couple who happened to be in the neighborhood.

The team names each week are irreverent and wonky, including “Isaac: Partying Like It’s 2005” and “SpongeMao Squarepants.”

The chatter hushes when Etebari takes the microphone. He asks about the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention (Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio) and who rapped the now-infamous lyrics that rhymed Mitt Romney, economy and Miami Zombie (Nicki Minaj). He asks them to name the compound also known as methanoic acid, or HCO2H (formic acid).

“What?” a contestant complained.


For the full piece, follow the link:



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