Results from last week, and Hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

First, thanks to all y’all who came out to play last Tuesday.  Making a statement by winning first prize, and the sweet sweet $50 tab that comes with it, for the fourth straight week, was “The Sun Never Sets on British Aureolas” with 65 points.  They edged out the second-place team, “Like Aziz Ansari, Only Stouter” (as Tuesday Heartbreak changed their name this week to mock how I was described in our recent Washington Post piece), with 61.  A two-way tie was formed for third place, with “The People’s Eyebrow” and “Chicago Public School Teachers STILL Throw More Strikes than the Cubs” each on 58.  (Showing your typically high level of religious tolerance, you voted “Mitt Romney’s Campaign is So Dead the Mormons Have Baptized It” as best team name.)

So, with two third-place teams, two teams got to pick a round for tomorrow: Thus, the sports round will be all about English Premier League Soccer, thanks to “Eyebrow”, while Round 5 will be all about US airports’ three-letter FAA identifier codes (e.g. DCA for National), courtesy of “Chicago Public Schools”.  A couple more hints for tomorrow:




Also: can you tell what restaurant is this?  Yes. You can. But think about that concept, as it’ll come in handy tomorrow:


See y’all tomorrow!





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