Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who packed the house for another standing-room only trivia showdown tonight. In one of the tightest trivia nights I can remember, after going into the final round in third place and needing to make up 3 points on two separate teams to win, “Romney Dominates Electoral Maps…On Apple Maps” came from behind and took first place for the 5th straight week, with 62.5 points.  They edged out – by half a point – “National Zoo Fires Replacement Panda Doctors”, who in turn were just ahead of our third-place team, “Tate Cups Jennings’s Ball, and He Doesn’t Even Buy Him a Drink?”, who had 60.5 – and used their prerogative to request an audio round on Saturday Night Live parody commercials for next week.  So study that for next week – and I warn you, it won’t be the only audio round.  Also deserving of mention here was the team that won the vote for best team name – featuring Andres, our longtime Stetsons regular who’s sadly leaving town after this quiz – “Baby Panda Upgrades from Cute to Sexy!”

Hints to come for next week – stay tuned.



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