Hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

A couple hints for tomorrow.

First, it’s that time of year again!

Second, there will be some sort of literature round.

Third, as requested by last week’s 3rd place team, there will be an extra audio round on SNL commercial parodies.

Fourth, a MUSIC ROUND HINT: So, the following two songs are not going to be in the music round. The music round will be ten songs in a very deliberate order, 1-10…but if it there was a song number 0, it might be this:

And, if there were a song number 11, it might be this:

But thankfully, like I said, it won’t be part of the music round. So if you don’t want to hear that, I repeat, there is no reason to stay away tomorrow.  So, see y’all for a 100% Daughtry-free night of trivia at 7 tomorrow!



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