Results from last week and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who packed the house again on Tuesday for what turned out to be a classic Stetsons trivia showdown that came down to the smallest of margins.  In a 1-2 finish by the teams who have won every league in recent history, “God Bless Tuesday Heartbreak? No no no God DAMN Tuesday Heartbreak!” finished with 66.5, edging out Schwarzenegger: the 3rd Worst Thing to happen to the Kennedys”, who had 66. This broke the 5-week winning streak of the team playing this time as “Drowned Wallaby Finds Best Possible Way out of Reston”, who were third with 62, and got the vote for best team name. They also earned the right, as 3rd place teams do, to choose a round for the next quiz night, and this brings me to hints for this Tuesday:

So, courtesy of our third place team, I have been ordered to write a round on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (pre-1996, anything TMNT-related).

In addition, a couple other hints for Tuesday:

and this.

See y’all Tuesday!



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