Results from last week – and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who showed up on Tuesday for a great quiz showdown.  And a huge thanks to all of you who thoroughly embarrassed me by wishing me a happy birthday in song.  Shucks.  Anyway, the quiz ended up being taken by (defending league champions) “Sandusky Asks to Serve 3 10-year Sentences”, with 67 points, knocking off the second-place team – technically only a duo, which makes their feat all the more impressive – Unskewed-Day Heartbreak, with 61.  Out of the money but on the podium were the two teams tied for third with 57.5: Mitt Romney’s Immigration Plan: Deport Dora the Explorer (who selected a round on NES games for Tuesday) and Go Big(-Bird) or Go Home (Romney) (who selected a round on Scott Walker the Musician).  Oh, and the award for best team name went to “Stetsons Presents: The Saddest 30th Birthday Ever.”  Thanks, guys.

And an announcement – as Tuesday is a presidential debate night, I’ll be strict on timing to make sure we’re all done by 9 p.m, when you can catch the debate on the TVs right there in the bar.

So, some hints for Tuesday – as mentioned, there will be a round on old Nintendo games, and one round on Scott Walker (the musician, not the politician – and don’t worry, I’ll try to make it accessible enough, though with at least a few questions for the more diehard fans).  In addition, here are a couple hints:

See y’all Tuesday!



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