Hints for Tomorrow – the Start of League Season

Hey y’all,

So I’ve been delinquent about posting the results from last Tuesday’s election night trivia special.  And I’ll continue to do so now (though a big congrats to team “America: Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back” for taking first place).  Trivia was had, pitchers were given out to 3 teams who did a damn good job predicting election returns as they were coming in, and then everyone drank and hurled insults/cheers at various candidates on the TV. I’ll try to post tomorrow with more info from there.

So, tomorrow begins the Winter League at Stetsons. What this means is that trivia will continue as normal each week – with $50 for 1st place and $25 for second – but teams will earn 2 points each week for showing up, plus bonus points for finishing in the top 4 (up to a total of 6 pts for 1st place).  Your team’s points total going into the final week will be divided by 2 and added to your final week score to determine the league champion – who will win a big prize (almost certainly the same as last league – a free rental of the upstairs bar room and a $300 bar tab for that party).

And now, to some hints: First, our third-place team last week requested a theme round for tomorrow of “Beverly Hills 90210 guest stars (original series)”.  So get ready for that.


See y’all tomorrow night! It’s on.



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