Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who packed the house for tonight’s trivia, which just happened to be the start of the winter league season.  Coming from behind in the final round to take first place and the $50 tab with 70.5 points  (and picking up 6 league points) was “The Pooni Awakening”, edging out Tuesday Heartbreak, who took second place and the $25 tab with 69 (earning 5 league points).  In third for the second straight week was “Don’t Tickle Me There Elmo”with 66.5 (and 4 league points).  Picking up 3 league points in 4th was “Reacharound Elmo” with 66.  And everyone else who showed up earned 2 league points.

So, that’s the league standings table through one night.  And by finishing third, “Don’t Tickle Me There Elmo” earned the right to choose the Round 5 theme  for next week – so study up on “African Anti-Colonial Liberation Struggles”.

I’ll see y’all next Tuesday – and keep looking here for hints around this coming weekend.



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