Results from last week – and League Standings through 2 weeks

Hey y’all,

Apologies for getting the results up so late.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who showed up even though trivia was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Great turnout.  (But for those of you who couldn’t make it but are still into playing the league; don’t worry – there’s no attendance penalty for missing one night – essentially this means that any team that gets perfect attendance in the league will have 2 points dropped from their score at the end, so it’s ok to miss one night if y’all are out of town or busy.)

Anyway, with a dominant performance dropping only 5.5 points all night and finishing with 74.5 was  “Hu’s in Charge? Xi Is” (Tuesday Heartbreak), picking up the $50 tab (and 6 league points) ahead of second place team, “Now the Only Twinkies Will be Asian or Gay” (TST), who had 67 and picked up the $25 tab and 5 league points.  In third with 65.5 was “Israel 125, Hamas 5” (The Awakening/Suck It), who picked up 4 league points.

So, very early on, through 2 weeks, here’s the league scoreboard:

Tuesday Heartbreak 11
The Awakening (Suck It) 10
Genius Club 5
South Africa/Don’t Tickle Me 4
Capital Brainshare 4
Ann Romney 4
Elmo Getting Stuffed All Year Long 4
Team China 2
Hermaphrodite Barbie 2
Shirtless FBI 2
My Couch Pulls Out… 2
3peat 2
Incredibles 2
Rubio and Twinkies 2
Twilight 2
Trophies Galore 2
No Harm No Foul 2


See you very soon at the bar,



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