Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks for packing the house tonight for another great trivia showdown.  It was tough, and I was kind of a jerk here and there (like on the music round), but in the end, it came down to the final round, just as it often does.  Prevailing with 70 points was Suck It, playing as “We didn’t have to find God to Renounce Two and a Half Men”, edging out Genius Club, playing as…actually, it’s just too awful to repeat on the internet with my name attached to it (you understand, guys), with 67 points. In third was Tuesday Heartbreak (“Lovable Furry Ol’ Grover Norquist”) with 63.5.  By finishing third, they earned the right to choose a round – and thus, next week the audio round theme will be Sondheim.  In fourth place, earning a bonus league point, was Hermaphrodite Barbie with a name that I will also censor on the Internet given the foul things it implies about the females of my ethnicity – they had 58, after getting destroyed by the picture round on directors.

So, through 3 weeks, here’s the league table.  I’ll post some hints before next quiz, as per usual.

Suck It 16
Tuesday Heartbreak 15
Genius Club 10
Capital Brainshare 6
Ann Romney 6
Elmo Getting Stuffed All Year Long 6
Hermaphrodite Barbie 5
South Africa/Don’t Tickle Me 4
Team China 4
My Couch Pulls Out… 4
Shirtless FBI 2
3peat 2
Incredibles 2
Rubio and Twinkies 2
Twilight 2
Trophies Galore 2
No Harm No Foul 2
Seamus 2
Butt Stuff 2
Not Douchey 2



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