Results from last week – and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who showed up on New Year’s Day – some regulars, some new teams – and a first-time champion in “Sorry for Bringing the Dummy with the Phone”, who took first place with 58 points.  They edged out regulars (and I believe first-time runners-up) Fiscal Cliff Claven with 52.  And in 3rd with 42 was “Boobs” (aka Team Ann Romney), who earned the right to choose a round for Tuesday – and it’ll be an additional music round all about country music superstars.  (Yes, prepare yourselves, those of you from unreal America.)  Winning the best name vote was “Fiscal Spliff.”

So, thanks to our third-place round holdover from before the holidays, I have promised TST that they’ll get their round on RuPaul’s Drag Race on Tuesday.  In addition, round 3 will be an additional music round on country superstars.  A couple hints in addition (there will be a sports round for round 2, btw):

See y’all Tuesday, for the first league night of 2013.




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