Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming out for a fantastic night of trivia competition on Tuesday. It was close at the top the whole way through, and coming from behind in the final round to win was “I Guess Clarice Eats Women Too!” (aka Tuesday Heartbreak), with 67 points, edging out “Mel Gibson on Jodie Foster’s Speech: ‘JEWS!’ ” (aka Suck It) with 66. In third, having gone into the final round in first place, were “Jodie Foster Comes out as Batshit Crazy” (TST), who earned the right to pick a round for next week – and thus the sports round will be, per their choice, about Olympic gymnastics. Genius Club finished fourth, picking up a bonus point in the league, just edging out “Great, another night of bad sax with Mehrun” (aka Elmo Getting Stuffed), who bade farewell to their longtime member and Stetsons regular Molly 2, who will be missed on trivia nights now that she is sadly leaving town.

Hints coming up on Monday, if not sooner!



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