Really, it called for all caps.  Because I’ve heard complaints from many of you for some time about how, on crowded days (such as this past Tuesday), you can show up ludicrously early, like 5:45, and still find no chairs or stools available due to people already there, reserving every seat in the bar.  I agree that this has most heartily sucked, so after talking to many of you and doing an audience vote on Tuesday, the Stetsons folks and I have decided it’s time to make some changes.  These are the new rules, in case you weren’t there to hear it in person:

-You may still arrive whenever and reserve a single table (or set of up to 4 barstools, if they’re available).  One person can do that by themselves.  If they anticipate having a large team, they can ask to tentatively reserve another table too, if another is available.

-HOWEVER, no team can definitively reserve two tables (or additional barstools beyond 4) unless at least four members of that team are physically present in Stetsons.  This means, if by the time your fourth player shows up, there are no other free tables – you’ll just have to deal with one table.

-This means, if you arrive on behalf of your team, there are no completely unclaimed tables available, but another team is trying to reserve 2 tables with less than 4 people there, you have the right to politely take their second table.

-If you have questions or disputes, do ask some kind of staff/authority who’s there – Shawna or Molly, or myself.

This may please some teams and upset others, but I’ve seen too many teams say they’d like to keep playing but, on days when nobody from their group can get out of work at 5 on the dot, they just give up and stay away.  I’d like everyone to have a better chance of grabbing seating for at least part of their team, and thus I think these reforms are a good idea.  We’ll see how it goes and consider adjusting if necessary, so your feedback will be very welcome in the coming weeks.

Much appreciated, and see you on Tuesday for the start of our glorious new era of enhanced seating meritocracy,



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