Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for packing the house early and throughout (more info on that to come here in an upcoming post) on Tuesday for this week’s trivia showdown.  Winning the night, taking the $50 tab and extending their league lead, was Suck It (playing under the deplorable name “Disco Inferno Scratched from 2014 World Cup Playlist”) with 75 points, over second place “We Thought Iran Sent a Monkey into Space But Mehrun is Still Here” (aka Hermaphrodite Barbie) with 69, taking the $25 tab and crawling up the league ladder a bit.  In third, earning the right to choose a round theme for next week (which they selected as all things Guantantamo) was “Back Up Bitch”, the South African-American-Iranian-whatever other countries they always have representation from on their team but whom I refer to as South Africa in the league standing, with 68.5.  Just a half-point behind was Genius Club in 4th.  And though they didn’t place, “Who Do I Have to Blow For a Merit Badge?” did win your vote for best team name and took home a record from the dump and several tiny tank tops as their prize.

League leaders as of now:

Suck It 51.5
TST 41
Tuesday Heartbreak 40
Genius Club 29.5
Molly Getting Stuffed All Year Long 23.5
Hermaphrodite Barbie 21.5
South Africa/Don’t Tickle Me 21
Ann Romney 20
Capital Brainshare 20
My Couch Pulls Out… 16
Seamus 12

Hints coming soon…



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