Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming on Tuesday (and adapting to the new seating rules, which we had generally good feedback on – every team had at least some seats and some table or bar space, which was largely the goal here).  And as for the trivia, it was either a truly dominating performance by Suck It, or I made it way too easy, as they racked up 79.5 points out of a possible 82 as “My Kingdom for a Parking Spot”, knocking off “Ray Lewis: ‘I’ve Never Been to Leicester'” (Genius Club), who had 74.  A point behind was “Mehrun Issues a Fatwa Against 2-Table Teams” (TST), who were just out of the money but did earn the right to pick a theme for a round next week, and went with “Season 6 of the Simpsons.”  In 4th, picking up a bonus league point, was the team usually known as Hermaphrodite Barbie, playing this week as “The Puppy Bowl: Now on Sale at Panda Express!”, with 70.5 (and also winning the team name vote).

So, the league leaders – with next Tuesday being the last week before the grand final:

Suck It 57.5
TST 45
Tuesday Heartbreak 40
Genius Club 34.5
Molly Getting Stuffed All Year Long 23.5
Hermaphrodite Barbie 24.5
South Africa/Don’t Tickle Me 23
Ann Romney 22
Capital Brainshare 22

I’ll see y’all next Tuesday!  Study up on your Simpsons Season 6 if you feel like it, because although there will be certain questions that you can guess without having seen the show, there will be a decent amount of material for the diehard fans too.  I can tell you that only 10 episodes show up in the questions, but you’ll find out which ones on Tuesday.




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