Results from Tuesday…as far as I can decipher them.

Hey y’all,

Thanks again for dealing with the insanity of the other night.  I’m feeling much better and plan to be fully healthy for this Tuesday.

So, I’ve been sent a photo of the scoreboard from Tuesday, and, as expected, let us congratulate Suck It (playing as “To be fair; he thought she was a replicant”) on taking their second straight league title, winning the night by point over their second-place rivals, TST (playing as “Pistorius Latest Doper to Lose Trophy”), 87 to 86 on the somewhat improvised scoring system that took hold in my absence (a huge thanks to everyone who stepped in to make the night go ahead, seriously). As for who’s third place on the night and in the league, that depends on a little help from you guys on identifying what league team was playing under what name.  Our third place team on the night was “Ray Lewis: I’ve Never Been to Johannesburg Either” (was this you, Genius Club?) and our fourth place team was “Oscar Pistorius: Faster than a Speeding Bullet.”

So, as I’m writing some questions for Tuesday already, I’d like to know a topic from our third place team on the night – if you can identify yourself and reach out to me in the comments section with a topic before Monday afternoon, I can get a round written for you.  In addition, I’d like to give round-theme-choices to each team in 2nd-4th in the league, as well as any other team that had perfect attendance, to be staggered over the next few weeks.  So identify yourselves – and if you’re a league team that was up there in the standings or had perfect attendance, identify yourselves against the names on this scoreboard so I can get your preference on what round to write for you, and when to write it.

Again, thanks for bearing with it – I can’t wait to be back on Tuesday!





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3 responses to “Results from Tuesday…as far as I can decipher them.

  1. Genius Club was indeed the Third place team, and the category we want for this Tuesday is Hugo Award Winning Science Fiction Novels. Thanks, and see you Tuesday.

  2. nico

    Really glad to hear that you are doing better, Mehrun. Third place was The Genius Club, and we’d like to pick Hugo award winning science fiction.

  3. Mehrun

    Sounds good – sorry for the delay; it takes a while for me to approve comments for this sometimes – but I’ll get you that round as the lit round tomorrow. See you then!

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