Results from Tuesday – and hints for this Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks to all who braved the DC punk round with varying degrees of success on Tuesday – apparently it didn’t hurt our winners, despite their 2/10 showing on the round, as they were named “Writing Fugazi 10 times” with 65, just edging out our second place team “Cancer Succeeds Where CIA Failed”, two points behind.  In third, our team (whose name this week I misplaced in my travels, but who were known as Seamus Romney in our league) earned the right to choose a round for this Tuesday, and settled on a round they titled “Face/Off”, in that it’s a picture round of Nicolas Cage’s faces in various movies – you name the movie.  (And it’s going to be a 13-point round, because I just couldn’t narrow it down…so many Nic Cage faces!!!)  Also, redeeming their reward for perfect attendance throughout the league is team known as either “Ann Romney” or “stars”, who have requested I do a bonus music round on Irish drinking songs.  The way I’m doing this round is it’ll be 8 clips – you name the song for one point, and the artist performing the traditional song for a half – it’ll be a total 12 points possible, but I sincerely doubt anyone will get that.  Prove me wrong, kids, prove me wrong!

A couple other hints:

See y’all Tuesday!



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