Results from Tuesday (and early hints for next week)

Hey y’all!

Thanks for bringing it for a tough round of trivia on Tuesday (it must have been pretty tough because I’m not sure we’ve had a lower winning score before).  In first place at the end of the evening, with 63.5, was “When Life Gives You Lululemons, Be Sure to Wear Underpants”, just edging out, with 61.5, “Ray Lewis: ‘I’ve Never Been to Steubenville'”.  In third, with 57.5 was “Don’t Cry for me Argentina, the Truth is I’ve Never Molested You”, a score that earned them the right to choose a round theme for next week – and they’ve used that for a round based on the New York Giants of the 1990s.  Any question related to the team or anyone somehow tied to the team during that era is fair game – there’ll be some non-sporty references but of course at least a couple for the diehard fans.

In addition, as next week is a lit week, this bit of sad news will be an early hint for you.

More hints to come in the next couple of days.




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