Results from Tuesday, and hints for next Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming out in droves to last week’s especially punitive round trivia night, whose difficulty can be seen in the low scores for the leaders.  After a few weeks well-deserved break, our league champions returned – this time under the name “Florida Got Boned Worse than Kevin Ware” – and took top prize with 64 points.  They edged out “Tricks are Something Wh0res do for Money” (referencing our Arrested Development round last week), who had 60 points, just a half-point above our third-place team for the second week in a row, “Boyz II Men – …” actually, I’m not going to even finish that team name on the internet so that nobody associates it with me. Sorry, but I’m sure you understand, guys.  They earned the right, however to choose a theme for a round next week, and thus, you all should be ready for an audio round of clips by stand-up comedians – your job will be to name the comedian, simple as that.

I’ll see you all Tuesday (with some hints to come here before then).



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