Results from last week – and hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

Sorry for waiting until the night before to get you this post.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who showed up for yet another close match last week, which ended in a long-awaited, impressive triumph for the guys playing as “Whose D— do you have to s— to get an NBA Contract?” (yes, I’m redacting you. I don’t want your smut to come up in searches for my name.) with 64.5 points.  They pulled into the lead in the final round, beating out  “Wait, Washington has a Basketball Team?” with 61.5.  Meanwhile, in third place, we had our defending league champs, playing as “Seattle Receives another Stern F’ing, with 60, and as they finished third, they earned the right to make me do an all-grunge music round tomorrow.

But, because I feel like it, I’ll tell you that I’ll supplement that with another, more varied, somewhat anti-grunge music round too.  And while tomorrow is a literature week, there’s going to be a bit of sports knowledge required if you want maximum points.  Some hints below:

See y’all tomorrow!



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