Results from last week, and Hint #3

Hey y’all,

I promised y’all another hint for tonight; my apologies for the lateness.  Anyway, first, I have to recap last week’s trivia.  “Amanda Berry” (aka team Suck It, our defending league champs) came back with a vengeance from their recent showings and crushed the competition with 68 points, beating out second place “7 Brides” with 61.  In third, falling off a bit from their winning performance the week before, was “Good News/Bad News”, with 57.5, who earned the right to choose the 1990s WWF round for tonight (not the panda WWF, the other one).  Yes, I abbreviated all your names. Deal with it.  It was also a bittersweet trivia occasion as it was the last appearance of Madeline before she had to move back to Missouri – so by showing up just about every week for the past year at the bar, she (and her dad next to her) definitely earn a photo op for the blog:




Anyway, onto that last hint for tonight — here you go. (In addition to being a hint, it will totally give you ever such motivation for tonight.)




See y’all very soon!



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