Hints for tomorrow, results from last week, and guest hosting

Hey y’all,

Last Tuesday we had quite the showdown between two teams whose names were each tasteless comments about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy, each ending with 65.5 points.  But in the tiebreaker round, by virtue of being able to name 9 of the largest 15 Canadian cities as opposed to only 8, the team formerly known as Suck It beat that formerly known as Genius Club, while the team named after Jodi Arias sat back in 3rd, 6 points behind.

And as if winning last week weren’t enough, because Nate wants hints now, I’ve been harassed into posting my hints for tomorrow.


…and thanks to last week’s third place team, we’ll also have a round on U.S. States and their geography (and I do consider demographics to be part of geography).

Also, I’ve mentioned our league starts next Tuesday, but also that I will be out of the country for weeks 3-5 of the league.  As I mentioned last week, I’m taking inquiries from guest hosts – I’ve received two so far.  If you volunteer and are chosen, you will have to write the questions (and have them approved by me), and host, and in addition to receiving the normal compensation, I’m willing to give your team 4 league points – the equivalent of finishing third – if you’re playing in the league.  (Your teammates won’t be eligible to score other league points that night.)  Ask me or email me if you are interested.

See y’all tomorrow!




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