NEW LEAGUE STARTS TUESDAY!!! (and results, and hint #1)

Hey y’all,

Just a reminder that the summer league season starts on Tuesday – so if you want to earn points – for attendance and for coming in anywhere in the top 4 each week – toward the grand prize of a party room with the $300 tab, be there!

Now, thanks for showing up last week.  Getting in league form with their 3rd straight win was Ray Manzarek, with 62.5, edging out “Apple Finds Critical Bug in Money-Laundering App” with 59.  Just behind with 58 was “Tuesday Heartbreak: Into Darkness”, who earned the right to choose a theme round for this Tuesday: US History after the Revolutionary War but before the Civil War.

And while I’m here, let’s get you started with a first hint:

More to come tomorrow.



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