Results from last week and another hint for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

So, a quick update on last week – the first week of our new summer league.  In spite of low scores everywhere else, two teams rose above the rest with “Chinese Baptisms are the Sh***iest” at 68 edging out “Tuesday Heartbreak: Them?” with 64.5.  In third we had the Bad Idea Bears with 54, followed by “My Teammates Couldn’t Come So I’m Playing with Myself”, who took fourth with 47.5.

So, league standings through 1 week (don’t forget, teams that missed last week – there’s no penalty for missing just one week):

Suck It: 6
Tues Heartbreak: 5
Bad Idea Bears: 4
Playing With Self (I assume you’ll want to change this name?): 3
Everyone else: 2 pts for attendance.

Now, a hint for tomorrow:,29569,2036448,00.html

Also, for finishing third last week, Bad Idea Bears earned the right to choose a round – so there will be a second music round on Country Music, 1995-2005. I’m not happy about this either.

See y’all tomorrow!



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