Results from last week, and hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

So, I’m on vacation, so I’ll keep this quick.  Last week was awesome with good trivia blah blah blah (seriously it was) – going into the last round tied, Tuesday Hearbreak pulled away with a perfect score on the final round and defeated Suck It, 65-62, though at least the latter were voted best team name on the night with “And Down Goes Douglas!”  We had a tie for third between Genius Club and Zimbardo & the Prison Guards with 57 apiece; the third-place round tomorrow will be all on Werner Herzog.

So, tomorrow you’ll be in the hands of Carter, who’ll be guest-hosting.  (As he normally plays for Tuesday Heartbreak, they will automatically get 4 league points – no more, no less – on the night, which means that’s one more league-scoring place up for grabs.)  And he asked me to share these hints:


Finally, here’s the league leaderboard through 2 weeks – remember, if you miss a night of the league, you’ll get those 2 points back, so there’s no attendance penalty for missing one night.

Suck It 11
Tuesday Heartbreak 11
Genius Club 5.5
Bear Ninja Cowboy 5
Westboro Baptist Smurfs 4
South Africa 4
Kim, Anthony, etc 4
Zimbardo 3.5
Ann Romney 2




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