Results from last week

Hey y’all,

I’m back! And am ready to get back to hosting tomorrow night.  I’ll follow this up with a set of hints for tomorrow, in addition to a league standings update, but for now, here’s the results post from last Tuesday, as written by your hosts Robert and Scott:

If the low scores on the night are any indication, it would seem we successfully accomplished the tough night of trivia we set out to create. Suck It, playing as “New Rockapella Number All About Edward Snowden” slid into a half point lead by the third round, one which only grew as the night went on before they confirmed victory after 8 rounds with 59 points — 7 clear of second place team “Red Panda Unaware of Zoo-Jumbo Slice Extradition Treaty,” finishing with 52.
Only one point separated four teams, but appropriately enough, the team that finished in third place with 46.5 points was “And In Third Place With 39 points” — this is also apparently their league name. Anyways, good call!
Tied up in the fourth position with 46 points were Team South Africa playing as “We’re Going to Win Without Affirmative Action” and “Paula Dean Hates Black People”.
Speaking of ties, we saw the two teams tied for 9th place duke out a battle for best team name. While “Paula Deen’s New Job: Election Monitor in Mississppi” earned some accolades from the crowd, the winner (and honestly, my favorite of the bunch) had to be “Patriot Lose Welker But Make a Killing in the Offseason.” It’s only funny ’cause it’s true, people.

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