Results from last week and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for showing up and packing the house on Tuesday – it was good to return to such a boisterous crowd after a few weeks away.  And it was a really tight match too, with the top 5 teams all within striking distance at the end, but yet again, Suck It! pulled away just enough, defeating Tuesday Heartbreak by 2 points.  In third, we had Genius Club, who earned the right to choose a round for this Tuesday – which they have decided to use to make me write a round about comedian/actor/etc Albert Brooks – and in fourth, picking up a league bonus, we had Bear/Ninja/Cowboy.  (Sorry I don’t have the exact team point totals on me at the moment.)  Also, winning best team name was “That Dude at the Bar Has an Awesome Beard,” because he did.

Anyway, some hints for Tuesday:

First, one team suggested I write a round about things I did on my vacation – and what the H, I think I’ll do that.  Good suggestion.  Note that the two nations I visited were the UK and France, and that I didn’t go to southern France.  I believe nobody really knows any more details than that, so you’re all on even ground for that round.



See y’all Tuesday!



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