Results from last week, and hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

So last week was pretty awesome – some tough trivia, the return of some regulars we ain’t seen in a while, and in the end, a come-from behind victory.  After going into the final round 4.5 points down, Tuesday Heartbreak scored a perfect 10 and ended up edging out Genius Club, 60.5 to 60.  Suck It had to remain in third, while Hermaphrodite Barbie were in fourth.  The best team name, as voted on by you, was so terrible that I vowed not to post it on this blog, and I am holding to my word.

Anyway, for finishing third, Suck It got to choose a round theme for tomorrow, and they chose what they call “Christian Bait and Switch” – that is, pop culture (books, movies, TV shows, bands) that don’t overtly tell you they have significant Christian symbolism, but they do, often revealed after the fact.

Some other hints for tomorrow:

(yes, I’m making the music round easier this week.)

See y’all tomorrow!




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