Results from last night (and league score update)

Hey y’all,
Thanks for packing the house last night for another great night of trivia. It was particularly great for Tuesday Heartbreak, who somehow only dropped 6 points on the whole night and cruised to victory with 76 points. The battle for second was where the real action was, as three teams were separated by half a point. After tying with 70.5 points, Genius Club edged Suck It on the tiebreaker question, taking second place, while Team South Africa had to settle for fourth with 70 points. Suck It, in consolation for their 3rd place finish, earned the right to make me write a round for next week – and thus, prepare for an audio round on Jazz (specifically jazz of the mid 1950s through mid 1960s – I’ll play clips and ask for musicians, not titles…and I’m not ruling out the possibility of repeats).

Anyway, the league race has tightened up a bit in the past couple weeks – if the final were next week, by the rules of the game, Suck It would have a two-point head start to add to their score vs Tuesday Heartbreak, with other teams still definitely in the mix for an upset. (Remember, half your league point total gets added to your score on the final night to determine the league champion). Here are the results through last night, not counting the amnesty 2 points for teams that have missed a night:

Team Total
Suck It 43
Tuesday Heartbreak 39
Genius Club 30.5
South Africa 18
Bear Ninja Cowboy 14
Ann Romney 10
Westboro Baptist Smurfs 6
Kim, Anthony, etc 6
In 3rd Place 6
Zimbardo 5.5
Hermaphrodite Barbie 5
NSA Porn Stash 4

Stay tuned for hints sometime before next Tuesday.


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