Hints for tonight!

Hey y’all,

Sorry about the delay in getting you hints…my computer was attacked by a beverage, thus making it…not work so much.  But trivia will proceed!

First, thanks to everyone who came out last week.  Potomac Panda: Batting 500 took first on a tough night with 61.5, followed by US-Russia Polar Bear Commission (aka our newly crowned league champs Tuesday Heartbreak) with 59, and in third, INS to Nyad: Papers, Please, with 55.5.  As 3rd place, they earned the right to demand a third place round – and it’ll be all about the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War (anything about it).  Don’t forget, team SA also had earned the right to choose a picture round for tonight, so they requested a theme of people whom you don’t know have Filipino ancestry but totally do.  So, yeah.

That’s enough to get you studying, but a couple more hints:

and this.

see y’all tonight!



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