Results from last week and hints for tomorrow

Hey y’all,

So, we had a good showdown last week.  Suck It repeated as winners, with 72.5, edging out #TriggerWarning with 70, with Genius Club taking third for the second week in a row at 69.  In fourth was team South Africa, for the second straight week, with 67.5.  By virtue of finishing third, Genius Club requested a round theme for tomorrow: 1970s Horror Films.

Which brings me to some hints for tomorrow:

And the very early standings, through two weeks – including amnesty points (when you get two points for missing any one of the weeks, so you’re not penalized if you have to miss only one league night), and the 5-point consolation bonus given to three teams that showed up one night during the offseason when nobody else did because we had to cancel most of the trivia night:

Suck It 14
Genius Club 13
Bear Ninja Cowboy 9
A’s Angels 9
Tuesday Heartbreak 7
#TriggerWarning 7
South Africa 6
Team China 4
Dinosaurs 4
Greg, etc. 4
Martial Law 4

See y’all tomorrow!



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