results (and hints for tomorrow)

First, thank you all for bearing with me as I had to leave early last week due to feeling like a pile of garbage that was also on fire, a fire started by a separate flaming piece of garbage, no less.  I rested up and hope to be able to make it through tomorrow (but have a contingency plan lined up in the event I can’t).

Anyway, big thanks to Scott from Genius Club for reading the last two rounds for me.  He also gave me this handy rundown on who finished where last week, so I’ll just cut and paste.  Thanks Scott! And if you are one of the teams that are listed in here and you didn’t get credit for your league attendance, let me know!

1) Ceelo the E is Silent ( Suck It) – 71pts.

2) Boy Scouts of America Leaders. Touching things they’re not supposed to since 1910 – 69 pts.

3) Kanye asks Kanye to be his best man ( Bear Ninja Cowboy) – 68 pts.

4) Heads will Roll Over Facebooks new content policy ( Genius Club) – 66 pts.

5) Ted Cruz Calls 12 Years a Slave the feel good movie of the year ( #Triggerwarning) – 65.5 pts.

6) Ted Cruz a secret Democratic Sleeper Cell ( Dinosaurs) – 64.5 pts.

7) Please puke on Ryan Reynolds Mehrun (South Africa) – 62.5 pts.

8) Who needs Horror movies when we have C-SPAN (Tuesday Heartbreak)  -60 pts.

9) So I bought a Banjo – 59 pts.

10) Nightmare at Tiannamen Square (China Team) – 56.5 pts.

11) 404 Health Care.Gov (My Mom) – 53 pts.

12) Two dogs in a tub – 42 pts.

13) Kim-Jong Un’s council on food and other non-essential items – 39.5 pts.
So, that brings us up to league standings for now:
Suck It 21
Genius Club 16
Bear Ninja Cowboy 13
A’s Angels 9
Tuesday Heartbreak 9
#TriggerWarning 9
South Africa 8
Team China 6
Dinosaurs 6
My Mom 6
Greg, etc. 4
Martial Law 4

Also, by virtue of finishing 3rd last week, Bear Ninja Cowboy earned the right to choose a round on Aaron Sorkin – so I’ll tell ya right now, this will be audio.

Other hints:

Get ready for a round on what national parks look like. If you don’t like that round, you hate the environment, worse than every bad guy on Captain Planet combined.


See y’all tomorrow!




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