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Hey y’all,

So, I’m out of the country right now but you’re in good hands tomorrow – our guest host Brian, formerly a regular at the quiz, has written up a great set of trivia for y’all that I’ve just looked over.  I’ve added in one round, as our third-place finishers selected “English Premier League soccer” which will be the sports round tomorrow – I can tell you that most of the questions in that round will require at least some Premier League soccer knowledge to answer.  And yes, tomorrow will count toward the league standings, for those teams taking part in the league.

Speaking of last week, those third-place finishers were #TriggerWarning with 58.5, edging out Bear Ninja Cowboy by a point.  In second was Suck It, who still lead in the league, with 65.5 – behind a dominant 69-point performance by Tuesday Heartbreak.  So a quick look at the league standings so far:

Suck It 37
Genius Club 28
Tuesday Heartbreak 27
Bear Ninja Cowboy 21
#TriggerWarning 15
South Africa 13
My Mom 12
A’s Angels 9
Dinosaurs 8
Team China 6

Now, a couple hints for tomorrow:






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