Trivia is On! (And league update)

Hey y’all,

So first, the announcement: as it stands, TRIVIA IS STILL ON FOR TONIGHT!  It looks like the Metro is planning to be operational this evening, so we’re all good to go for another showdown (which will count toward the league standings).  Keep posted here in case of the unlikely event of a cancellation.

And another announcement: the league final will be February 11.  Get ready!

So, as promised, here’s a league standings update:

Suck It 68
Genius Club 49
Tuesday Heartbreak 46
Bear Ninja Cowboy 34
South Africa 32
#TriggerWarning 28
My Mom 16
Dinosaurs 14
Team China 10

This is through last week, when Brian ably filled in for me, overseeing a victory by Suck It over Genius Club and #TriggerWarning, with Bear Ninja Cowboy picking up a bonus point for winning the 4th place tiebreak.  And #TriggerWarning was voted best team name for “We Always Knew Christie Was a Threat to Bridges”.

I’ll see y’all this evening!



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