Results from last week and hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Those who braved the snow on Tuesday played some dang competitive trivia…but as has happened frequently in recent weeks, Suck It were able edge out the victory – in this case, 65.5 to 63.5 over Children of Buono Voters.  The third place battle ended up in a tie between Team China and “Debbie Does Dallas Buyers Club Sandwich” (I apologize if that’s particularly filthy; I don’t get the name and usually when I don’t get a name it’s because my mind is too pure to fathom the foul references therein) at 55.5; as I was feeling generous, I offered them both the right to choose a round theme for Tuesday; the former chose Food Network (which will be an audio round with a bit of a twist) and the latter chose Ukraine.

So, the updated league score table, with the final to come on February 11:

Suck It 75
Genius Club 51
Tuesday Heartbreak 48
Bear Ninja Cowboy 36
South Africa 34
#TriggerWarning 28
My Mom 16
Dinosaurs 14
Team China 13.5

Now, in addition to those 3rd place theme rounds, a few hints for Tuesday – which will be slightly expedited in order to be done in time for the State of the Union (which you can watch right there in Stetsons when trivia concludes, of course):

See y’all Tuesday!



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