Quick league update for Tuesday’s Final

Hey y’all,

Hints are coming tonight, but based on last Tuesday’s results (featuring an epic final-round comeback by Tuesday Hearbreak for the win by a point over Suck It, with “Worst Performance by a Bronco Since 1994” edging Bear Ninja Cowboy in a 3rd place tiebreak (and selecting a round on all things Virginia for Tuesday), here’s a league score update heading into Tuesday’s final:

Suck It 85
Tuesday Heartbreak 62
Genius Club 55
Bear Ninja Cowboy 43
South Africa 38
#TriggerWarning 33
My Mom 16
Dinosaurs 16
Team China 15.5

Of course, half your team score will be added to your score from this Tuesday’s quiz to determine final places, and the winner of the party room rental with a $300 bar tab.  So what this means is that Tuesday Heartbreak will need to beat Suck it by 11.5 on Tuesday to draw even, or 12 to win.  This can be done, so we’re not quite over yet – but Suck It has a strong advantage.


Hints to come tonight, as I said. But if you need one right now, here it is: Maps. Lots of maps. Difficult maps. Geography. Yes.



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