Congrats to our 2013-14 Winter League Champs!

Hey y’all!

I hope you all had a blast much as I did on Tuesday, when Suck It regained their crown as the Stetsons Pub Quiz League Champions.  After losing their lead on the night of the final during last summer’s league to Tuesday Heartbreak, they faced a scare again, as Tuesday Heartbreak – once again entering in second place – defeated them on Tuesday and won the $50 top prize for the night, but could only stretch their winning margin to 3 – 76.5 to 73.5 – leaving them still well short of first thanks to the massive league point lead Suck It had amassed since the start of the league season.  Suck It, as mentioned, were happy to settle for second on the evening.  Next up in the final league standings, a bit back from the lead pair were #TriggerWarning (thanks to a good 4th place showing on Tuesday), then Bear Ninja Cowboy, then Genius Club, then South Africa.  Also, in third place for the night (for the second week in a row) was Dumb Quizbucks, with 70 points.  They requested a sports round (not for this week, but next week – which is our next sports week) on “Jews in Sports.”  So look for that a week from this Tuesday.

So, congratulations to Suck It, winning the league for the third time in 4 seasons.  They have earned a free rental of the upstairs bar, plus a $300 bar tab, for a night of their choice.  (See how happy they are?)


Anyway, you think you can unseat them? We’ll have another league starting up in a couple of months, with further details soon to come.  And we’ll have regular non-league quiz nights – with prizes of $50 and $25 off your drinks tabs for the top two teams – as always each Tuesday.  So keep coming back every week and playing the quiz!

And stay tuned about the possibility of a mini-league before the next league starts.  Watch this space!




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