Results for February 18

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who came out for my first night as an official co-host! I hope you had a good time – I definitely did. Our winners for the night were the members of Mehrun Five (not actually containing Mehrun), who finished with 58.5 points. Second was Olympic Highlight: Bob Costas Says Pussy Riot with 57, followed by Sochi Minh with 55.5, who selected the Billboard Modern Rock Chart as a music category for next week. (Just as a reminder, the sports round next week will be Jews in Sports, which was requested by Dumb Quizbucks as their third place round last time.)  Fourth place, with 52.5 (and the only perfect 10 in Round 8) went to Twizzle is the New Twerk. Best team name went to Mehrun himself, with Boo, Bring Back the Old Guy! (Thanks, Mehrun; you really know how to make a guy feel welcome.)

We’ll see you all next week for Mehrun’s return, and I’ll be back to host in two weeks (with slightly easier questions, I promise.)



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