Hints for Tuesday

Hey y’all,

So, thanks for showing up for the exciting full-time debut of Brian as co-host this past Tuesday.  I’ll be back this Tuesday to run another night of challenging quiz action.  A few hints:

First, recall that we have TWO third-place choice theme rounds this week: First is “Jews in Sports,” which will be the main sports round this week (though sports may slip in here and there throughout the quiz), and second we have the Billboard Alternative Chart (formerly known as the Modern Rock Tracks chart).  That’ll be done as a music round with a little twist (and some bonus points).  By the way, in researching that I noticed that the quality of music on that chart…shall we say…fluctuated over various eras since its founding in 1988.  I tried to incorporate songs from different times, but I’ll just tell you that I probably skewed a bit more to older stuff than to the era in which the chart was dominated by loud American bands with deliberately misspelled names.

A couple other hints:

And for the above clip, I’m not going to quiz you on the locations, don’t worry – the WaPo already did that. (I got a mediocre 54 points on that quiz, if you’re asking.)

See y’all Tuesday!



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