Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming by for Tuesday’s quiz!  It ended up being a particularly difficult one; despite there being almost 90 points available, our first-time winners (after coming regularly for the past couple of months) were Weird Al Yanukovych, with 59.5 points.  They held their lead over So…Ukraine Kinda Went Through a Thing (who did at least somehow completely dominate the music round with a brilliant perfect score of 15 points when the average was more like 6 or 7), who were runners up with 55.5.  We had a tie for third at 45 points between Egon But Not Forgotten (who requested a round on Alcohol and Presidents which will appear this Tuesday, and who also won a VHS of Jurassic Park as the prize for winning the best team name vote) and Eulogize This (who requested a round on the migrations of sports teams, which will be the sports round the week after next).

Brian will soon post you some hints here for next Tuesday’s quiz, which he’ll be hosting.  See y’all then!



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