Results for March 4

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the slush to make it to the quiz tonight! We had a really close race for most of the night, and it came right down to the wire. Coming in third and earning the right to pick a round for next week was Crimea River 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold (three separate teams all went with Crimea River for their name and were forced to alter their name on the fly), with a total of 64.5 points. We had a really close race for first place, with Pistorius Guilty of Worst Oscar Crime Since Adele Nazeem doing everything they could to win by scoring the sole perfect 10 in Round 8, for a total of 68 points, but ultimately Kerry Goes to Kiev; Biden Goes to Mardi Gras did just enough to hold onto the lead, scoring 7 in the final round for a total of 69. Well fought, everyone.

Crimea River 2 decided on a picture round about Movies About Technology for next week, and there will also be a round determined two weeks ago about Sports Team Migrations.  I hope you’ll all be back for a Mehrun round next week, and then I’ll be back again in two.



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