Results from Tuesday, April 15

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming by for a tough night of trivia on Tuesday.  As you can see from the scores, I may have taken advantage of the last week before the league starts to go a little difficult on you – in fact, out of a total of 82 available points, the winners of the $50 tab for the night, with 59 points, were “Last Pings from Malaysian Flight Heard Coming From Woman’s…” and so forth using references to the physical form that I’m sure you can guess if you followed the news this past week. In second place at 52, picking up a $25 tab, was “A Guy Named Bubba Won the Masters”, edging out “The Atomic Weight of Bolognium is Snacktacular” with 50.5 points, who earned the right to choose a round on 1990s teen movies – so look for that on Tuesday.

Which, as I mentioned, is the start of the new league season!  Brian will host Tuesday to get us underway for the summer season. So get your team ready and show up!  Full discussion of the rules to be posted, as well as hints for Tuesday, by the end of the weekend.



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