League Starts Tomorrow! Rules here…

Hey y’all,

Just a reminder that while trivia will go on as normal each week for the next three months – and there will still be the weekly $50 and $25 prizes (off your drinks tab) for first and second place – tomorrow will also be the first night of our spring/summer league season.  Which means that the team that does the best over the course of the league and the final will win the grand prize, which this time will be in the form of 8 tickets to a DC area event to be named shortly.  The final night of the league will be July 22.

How is the winner decided?

-Each week your team shows up, you get a minimum of 2 league points, even if you’re last place.  There’s amnesty if you have to miss exactly one week, so if you miss a single week, we’ll give you 2 league points for that night.

-Each week, the top 5 teams for that night’s quiz will earn extra league points.  The first place team will earn 8 league points, 2nd will earn 6, 3rd will earn 5, 4th will earn 4, 5th will earn 3 (and everyone else gets 2).

-Going into the final (which, again, will be held on July 22), we’ll take your league point total and divide it by 2.  Then, we’ll add that number to your score in the grand final, and whoever has the highest total sum will be the 2014 Stetsons Summer Champions.

Anyway, make sure to get your team ready and show up tomorrow.  Don’t forget to choose some kind of league name you want to be known as throughout the league (you can change your name from week to week to be timely or humorous, but just make sure to have a “league name” as well so we know who gets how many league points).

Brian will be hosting tomorrow to kick off the league (and I will try to appear too).  Hope to see all of you throughout the league!



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