Results from April 22

Thanks to everyone who came out for a hard-fought eight rounds of trivia tonight! Everyone who came out earned 2 league points, but fifth and above earned a little something extra.

Our fifth-place team was Fuck Mountain, who scored 62 points and earned 3 league points. In fourth we had Professor XXX Shows His Cyclops, who scored 65 and earned 4 league points. In third place was 100 Years of Searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (league name: What About Benghazi?), who scored 67, earned 5 league points, and selected a round on Classic Cocktails for next time. Our top two teams were neck and neck all night, but Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge ended up with 69 points and $25 off their bar time, on top of 6 league points, and Lindsay Lohan’s Miscarriage Better Off (league name: Suck It) pulled ahead in the final round to score 73.5, earning $50 off their tab and 8 league points. Best team name was split between Lindsay Lohan and If This Guy is the Emcee, We Mehrun Out of Here, who each earned squirt guns for their hard work.

And here are our league standings after one week:

Suck It 8
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 6
What About Benghazi? 5
Professor XXX 4
Fuck Mountain 3
A Fridge Too Far 2
If this guy is the emcee 2
If Ukraine 2
Super Quiz Team 1 2
Genius Club 2
#triggerwarning 2
South Africa 2
The Nevernudes 2


Mehrun will see you next week, with rounds on sports, classic cocktails, and much much more.



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