Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for literally packing the bar on Tuesday – I think 18 teams in that room may be a new record.  And of those 18 teams, we had some good scores which have helped keep the league race wide open.  In first place with 70.5 (of a possible 83) was XXX (playing as “Aiken prevails in rough and tumble primary”), picking up the $50 tab and 8 league points.  They edged out Genius Club (playing with the deplorable name “Nigeria: where Amber Alerts come in bulk”) with 67, #TriggerWarning (playing as “Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Hideouts”) in 3rd with 66, Suck It (playing as “Beyonce’s sister scored 3 hits with Jay-Z”) in 4th with 64.5, and rounding out the league point places in 5th with 63.5 were the current league leaders, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.  The vote for best team name was won by “Michael Sam kissed a boy and I liked it” while the third-place-choice round selected by #TriggerWarning for this Tuesday was country music (which I believe will be a bonus music round, likely in place of the audio round – but Brian can confirm or deny that).

So, as I mentioned, the league is looking completely wide open now – despite years of dominance by Suck It and Tuesday Heartbreak, the top two teams at this stage are, in fact, neither of them.  Take a look (and if you feel your team has not gotten the points it deserves, feel free to email me and inquire):

Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 25
XXX 23
Suck It 21
Genius Club 13.5
#triggerwarning 12.5
What About Benghazi? 11
Tuesday Heartbreak 11
South Africa 10
The Nevernudes 8
Fuck Mountain 7
A Fridge Too Far 4
If this guy is the emcee 4
If Ukraine 4
Super Quiz Team 1 4
Chairman Mao 4
Stain on the dress 4
Jayson Werthless 4
Roy Hibbert 4
Pigeon Drones 4
Graduation 4

Brian will be your host on Tuesday, and I’ll likely show up and say hey towards the end.  He’ll be posting some hints before then on this space, so stay tuned!



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