Results from May 20

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay on the results – I just returned from some overseas work travels. We had an extremely close night last week, with all of our top 5 finishing within spitting distance of one another. Suck It  took 5th with 60.5, earning 3 league points, and Genius Club just edged ahead with 61 for 4th and 4 league points. #TriggerWarning took third with 64 and after much consternation controversially chose a round on women of country music 1995-2005 (see the hints post for more on how this will be handled in the future, sorry for the repeated categories – it won’t happen again) and also earned 5 league points. Our top two teams ended the night just half a point away from each other, but Professor XXX ended up in 2nd with 65, earning $25 off their bar tab and 6 league points, leaving Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge to return to first place tonight, scoring 65.5, $50 off their bar tab, and 8 league points.

Here are our standings after five weeks (and if you think something’s amiss, let one of us know):

Team Name Total
Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 33
XXX 29
Suck It 24
Genius Club 17.5
#triggerwarning 17.5
What About Benghazi? 13
Tuesday Heartbreak 13
South Africa 12
The Nevernudes 10
Fuck Mountain 7
A Fridge Too Far 6
If Ukraine Your Neck 6
Pigeon Drones 6

With nine weeks left it’s still very much anyone’s league to take – see you next time!



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