Hey y’all,

As I mentioned last week, we’re sponsoring a little friendly World Cup prediction pool for our trivia family.  No cost to enter, but the winning entry will receive a free trivia night pitcher o’ beer (I’m sure we can substitute soda if that’s your thing) and throwing in a voucher for $20 Uber credit (with a new account).  Limit one entry per person (not team).

The prediction will take place in two phases – anytime before the World Cup begins on June 12, make your predictions for the winner and runner up of each of the eight groups.  Also make your preliminary predictions of the two finalists and the champion, as well as the top individual goal scorer for the tournament.  Then, after the first round finishes and the knockout bracket is set, use the off-day between rounds to submit your picks for the knockout stage in a straight bracket (which can give you the chance to revise your strategy a bit if, say, your champion has been knocked out already).

Brian will have forms available to fill out tonight; you can also download one here and email it back to me at metebari at gmail.  Or bring it to Brian next week at trivia. Either way!

We’ll keep you updated at trivia night and on this blog as to who’s doing well in the pool.  Good luck!

Scoring rules:

Points allocation:


Group stage – picks by June 11

Group qualifier (x16) – 1 point each

Correct group winner (x8) – 1 point bonus each

Correct group runner-up (x8) – 1 point each [contingent on picking correct group winner]

  Subtotal group stage max = 32 points

Two finalists – 6 points each (bonus)

One champion – 12 points (bonus)

Top goalscorer – 10 points (bonus; 5 points if your pick is runner up)

  Subtotal first round picks max (bonus) = 34 points


2nd stage – picks on June 27

Round of 16 (x8) – 2 points each

Quarterfinals (x4) – 4 points each

Semifinals (x2) – 6 points each

Third place (x1) – 4 points

Final (x1) – 12 points

 Subtotal 2nd stage max = 60 points



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