Results from June 10

Thanks for coming out on Tuesday, folks. After an off week last week, our two league leaders fell into the 1 and 2 spots this week, with Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge taking first with 69.5 points and Suck It finishing just behind with 68.5. South Africa took third with 67 points and requested a round on – what else – South Africa, so you’ll have that to look forward to next week. Genius Club took fourth with 65.5, and then ANZACS and XXX split fifth with 63.5 each. Best team name went to “We’re Willing to Invoke Slenderman To Win,” although they were made to share their prize with a birthday celebration.

With six weeks left (which means plenty can still happen), here are our league scores:

Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 49.5
Suck It 41.5
XXX 37.5
Genius Club 31.5
Tuesday Heartbreak 25
#triggerwarning 23.5
South Africa 21
What About Benghazi? 17
The Nevernudes 16
Fuck Mountain 10

Enjoy your two weeks with Mehrun, and I’ll see you again on the 1st.



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