Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks for showing up for a highly competitive night of trivia this evening.  Not sure how it happened, but the top five teams were separated by only 3.5 points tonight.  Emerging with a win – barely – was Suck It, with 72 points, edging out South Africa and Lee Carvallo by a half point (South Africa took second place on a second tiebreaker after they tied on the initial tiebreaker…it was that kind of night).  In fourth was team XXX with 69, just above Genius Club with 68.5 in 5th – but at least GC won the best team name vote for playing as “John Brooks Declared American Hero; Trump Demands Birth Certificate.”  And for finishing 3rd, Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge has earned the right to choose a round  on X-Men for next week.

I will be hosting again next week, so it will once again feature a sports round (and I admit, a couple references to the World Cup in some themes, but not as much as today).

Here’s how the league standings are shaping up after today, with Suck It cutting 3 points off Carvallo’s lead thanks to their performance today:

Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 54.5
Suck It 49.5
XXX 41.5
Genius Club 34.5
Tuesday Heartbreak 27
South Africa 27
#triggerwarning 23.5
What About Benghazi? 19
The Nevernudes 18
Fuck Mountain 10
If Ukraine Your Neck 8

Hints to come soon here!



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